Contact Info & Ordering

All of the songs available on this website are shareware. You are allowed to listen to them for 30 days. If you find that you enjoy them after this time, you are encouraged to purchase them.

Each of the albums are available in the following ways:

  • You may purchase a CD for $9.98 (free shipping in the continental USA)
  • Or, you may purchase a license for an album for $1.99
  • The license allows you to keep a copy of the music (i.e., the MP3 files) anywhere you like, including burning them to your own personal CD-R's. (Purchasing the CD includes one license.) Read the full license agreement for more details.

    If you are interested in ordering, please email

    If you have any comments/criticisms about the music or this website, feel free to email us. While we cannot reply to every message, they will all be read.

    Alternatively, email us and ask to be on the free 7 LAWS mailing list so you can be informed when new music is uploaded to this website. Your name will never be added to any 3rd party mailing lists.

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